Brushing correctly

Use your toothbrush and tooth cleanser to loosen and remove food debris and plaque. Brush every surface of your teeth and gums twice a day.

Gently massage the junction of the tooth and gum to loosen the debris and plaque, and then sweep the bristles down the tooth to brush away. Repeat this action for every tooth. Try to brush in front of a mirror to help you check that you have reached all the surfaces of your teeth effectively. This should take about two minutes.

Brush once either before or after breakfast, and before you go to bed.

As soon as your baby has his or her first teeth in their mouth, encourage a little brushing with a special baby toothbrush.

Supervise children to guide their brushing and encourage a great life-time habit.

Dental research has shown that brushing teeth properly can prevent cavities and gum disease, which causes loss of the supporting jaw bone and adult tooth loss.

Research has shown an association between gum disease and heart disease.

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