Smells that are good for us

Peppermint - According to recent research carried out at Wheeling Jesuit University, the smell or flavour of peppermint can have positive effects on cognitive functions. Some effects include reasoning, problem solving, judgment, attention span, memory and concentration. Try our English Peppermint and Garden Mint Tooth Cleansers

Lime is great at eliminating bad odours in the home as well as on the body. Follow this natural, easy and low cost remedy for eliminating bad odours:

For the body: Use lime essential oil as an antiseptic and for bactericidial uses. Our Brazilian Lime Tooth Cleanser contains lime essential oil which helps freshen your breath.

Lemon– Studies conducted by the Ayurveda Medical College and the Mayo Clinic in 2012 found that one of the benefits of lemon includes stress relief. The study suggests that smelling lemon can decrease anxiety in some people. Try using Sicilian Lemon Tooth Cleanser containing lemon essential oils each morning.