Do we need to floss?

By brushing teeth regularly, we are maintaining good oral health and although maybe the most fundamental part or oral hygiene, flossing is also vital and often over looked. 

Here are some reasons that flossing is so vital to your oral health:

Getting in-between teeth

Flossing reaches all of the areas between your teeth that you can’t see and subsequently can’t clean using a toothbrush. These areas are among the most sensitive and vulnerable parts of your mouth because they are most susceptible to plaque and tartar build up.

Reducing Bad Breath

Bad breath is often created by bacteria that lives in between your teeth, as well as other areas of your mouth that are not accessible using a toothbrush. And that is why flossing is one of the best ways to reduce or eliminate bad breath. 

There are all sorts of floss available so finding one suited to your teeth shouldn’t be a problem. You may find dental sticks or wands easier if you have crowded teeth rather than conventional string floss.