Daily Mail- Mr Moger

Dawood & Tanner patient Mr Moger shares his story on popular TV series Embarrassing Bodies

This lovely man had advanced cancer of the face / sinus, for which he received life saving surgery by Mr Nicholas Kalavresos and the University College London Hospital team, with loss of his left eye, cheek, and jawbone and much of his skull. He could not have a surgical reconstruction due to the extraordinary size of the defect, the radical radiotherapy, and  the chemotherapy treatment he received, all limiting his  capacity to heal.

For 4 years, Eric has endured life with a gauze dressing covering a defect extending from the forehead down the left side of the face and through into the mouth. He has not been able to drink from a glass, or speak clearly.

Not only did the appearance need to be improved, but also the communication between the mouth and the defect sealed off for speech and eating.

Dr Andrew Dawood used special 3D imaging and printing technologies to plan the novel treatment used in this case. Dr Andrew Dawood has placed implants into the rim of the eye socket (orbital implants), and also used specially designed implants  ( an extra-long ‘zygomatic’ implant) that, unusually, extends across from the remaining right cheek bone, through the remaining right part of the jaw, to the missing left side, for anchorage of  the prosthesis.

Mr Moger shared his story on the popular Channel 4 series Embarrssing Bodies. Please follow the link to the Mail Online to read the article published today.

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