Celebrating D2W's move

We very excited to join the D2W's team last night in celebrating the opening of their state-of-the-art 3D printing studio in Camden. 






We have pioneered the use of 3D printing in dental implant treatments from 1999, to recreate the complex architecture of the face, jaw and skeleton for the planning of innovative surgical treatment. Digits2Widgets was established in 2008 by Dr Andrew Dawood, as a creative off-shoot of the dental practice.

Digits2Widgets is a 3D printing and digitisation studio. The team includes an architect, product designers, games developers, technologists and artists, allowing D2W to bring a broad range of expertise to quickly understand clients’ objectives for their 3D projects and to help them realise these in the most effective way. D2W uses a wide range of 3D printers and advanced scanning and imaging technologies.

 The Digits2Widgets converted warehouse in Camden is set to promote cutting-edge 3D printing and digitisation, and to communicate the technology’s true potential…

Last night saw the opening of a unique 3D printing studio in London. Digits2Widgets (D2W), the leading 3D printing and digitisation studio, deploys some of the most advanced 3D technology available in the UK. 

The D2W team works with architects, engineers, product designers, artists, jewellers and makers to realise their ideas into fully 3D physical objects.  D2W's new home in London will transform the way designers work and enable them to actively promote the exploration of 3D printing’s potential through:

  • a state-of-the-art 3D printing studio and collaborative space
  • a gallery space – displaying objects and examples of the innovative use of 3D printing technology; and
  • a series of open evenings and educational outreach projects – to see the machines in action, touch the materials, and properly understand the potential of this extraordinary technology

Jonathan Rowley, creative director of D2W, says: “To the vast majority of people, 3D printers remain a mythical and magical beast which they have only ever glimpsed on TV or on YouTube.  Most often these snippets are misleading and leave people with the impression that it’s a simple technology that can almost instantly produce anything.  We want to encourage people to come and see the technology in action; machines making real projects with real time and processing logistics”.

The past three years has seen an expansion of D2W’s work – hence its move from Wimpole Street to an independent location; an industrial building in Rochester Place, Camden NW1, which has been transformed into a bespoke 3D printing studio. 

Dr Andrew Dawood, co-founder of Dawood & Tanner and CEO of Digits2Widgets, said: “We were amongst the first to have embraced 3D printing technologies in the UK, and have been pioneering the use of 3D imaging and printing in complex surgical procedures for years;

It’s been fascinating to take and apply this technology to areas outside of the medical field – from architecture and engineering, to art and fashion.  Opening our new facility will raise D2W’s to the next level in this exciting journey. Providing a collaborative space for designers to come together and understand how the machines work and the possibilities that the technology offers. This will enable people to realise the true potential of the technology, and to create remarkable objects that can quite simply not be produced any other way.”

Digits2Widgets officially opens its new studio space.