Bad Breath

So, you don’t smoke, you brush your teeth regularly, stay hydrated and don’t eat smelly foods but you still have bad breath? 

Did you know that main causes of bad breath are not only caused by the foods that you eat? Plaque and bacteria can build up during the day and additionally, old toothbrushes could be contributing to this. Proper brushing with the right brush, the correct technique and a fluoride toothpaste, could help you to prevent cavities and gum disease (contributors to bad breath).

For at home care our dental hygienists recommend


  •   brushing your teeth for 2-3 minutes daily
  •   using a fluoride containing toothpaste
  •   using a manual or electronic toothbrush
  •   change the head or brush every 3 months


Top tip: mint, lemon and lime are great breath fresheners