A huge thanks

It has taken me two years to formulate these amazing tasting products. I have used my knowledge and years of experience to choose the most proven ingredients for the best tooth care, and has added natural essential oils to achieve the wonderful real-tasting flavours.

The work I do is mainly rebuilding broken down mouths, and therefore I feel I am in a position to encourage people to look after their mouths and keep their teeth and gums healthy into their old age.


We couldn’t have launched this exciting Tooth Cleanser without the support of our fantastic team at the  Dawood and Tanner practice. Our incredibly inspirational hygienists and caring nurses are the all important strength of our practice. My colleagues are exciting and have been so encouraging during the development of these tooth cleansers.

Of course it is all of the wonderful people who are my patients who are the real inspiration for the tooth cleansers. I enjoy my work immensely, but it the characters in whose mouths I work that are fascinating and fun.

Thank you to everyone who has been one of my "tasters", especially those of you who tasted at the very beginning when things didn’t taste so good!


Susan Tanner