Susan Tanner is a specialist dentist dedicated to bringing beautiful smiles to the forefront of the beauty market. She wants to make tooth-brushing part of everyone’s beauty regime, which is why her product is labeled as a Tooth Cleanser!

Dawood and Tanner is a large Specialist Dental Practice in Wimpole Street, Central London. The dentists are all specialists in different fields of dentistry who work together at Dawood and Tanner for the ultimate care of their patients. There is a strong preventive philosophy, maintained by the team of experienced hygienists

After years of dealing with advanced and entirely preventable dental problems, Susan is passionate about encouraging everyone to look after his or her own natural teeth and gums.

Clean, healthy teeth and gums are the essence of a confident and good-looking smile. Natural teeth are full of character and charm that fit with a person’s face.

“Teeth are central to our face, they give us the confidence to smile and speak, they support and shape our face, help us to enjoy our food, the backbone of a kiss. I want to make looking after them easy and delicious!”

“The British public is ready for the same fabulous choices in tooth cleansers as enjoyed in skincare, hair, and other beauty products.”

It has taken two years to formulate these amazing tasting products. Susan has used her knowledge and her years of experience to choose the most proven ingredients for the best tooth care, and has added natural essential oils to achieve the wonderful real-tasting flavours.

“I adore cooking, and flavour is so very important to me. I am determined to change the way we think about brushing our teeth and look forward to your daily taste experience ”

Be confident that using the Dawood and Tanner tooth cleansers, and following the advice on the films, will help you to maintain a gorgeous smile and DELICIOUS TEETH!”