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Many studies have shown that smiling significantly increases attractiveness and gives an appearance of youthfulness. Doesn't 'grumpy and old' often go together? I have always told my daughter that a smiling face is a pretty one says Dr Susan Tanner.

There is a need for confidence to pull off a glorious smile, one that lights up the room; a spontaneous smile, without any hesitancy, a whole-hearted full smile, showing all your upper teeth, which naturally draws in the eyes, showing your genuine pleasure. Revealing beautifully clean teeth all the way around the dental arch and tight, pink gums are what look fabulous. The tensing of the 'smiling muscles' of the face stretches the skin over cheeks that have lifted and moved in the opposite direction of an ageing face with sagging skin. The more you smile and exercise the right muscles, the younger you will look!

Formulated and approved by Dr Susan Tanner herself, Dawood and Tanner Tooth Cleanser is presented in eye-catching pumps you would want to have out on show in your bathroom, and is the first of its kind to be recommended and developed by a British Dentist.


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Floss if love your teeth

Brushing correctly is not enough - Floss regularly if you really love your teeth.

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Brushing correctly

Brushing your teeth correctly - do you really know how to do it properly?

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We want people to enjoy brushing their teeth so we have created the very first tooth cleanser designed exclusively by practicing dentists and we have made them taste MARVELLOUS!

About our pumps

Our stylish, airless pump has been specially designed to protect the delicate essential oils inside.  For this reason it can take 20 to 30 pumps to get it started.  Please do persevere; it tastes all the better for it!